In the Spotlight is Asland, CH Tsering Shamtsang Mingma.  Asland was not born here, nor bred out of Kiara stock or any of its early antecedents.  He was brought into the Kiara line to offer all of the wonderful qualities he possesses.  Blessed with the truly rich creamy golden color of autumn leaves, his coat has proper texture and is straight.  Though he is not a large, massive TT, his structure is perfection.  Intelligent . . . it’s almost as if he knows what you want him to do, even before you start to work with him.  But surpassing all the rest is the temperament of the sweetest, most loyal and devoted TT.  Not a marshmallow or any kind of pushover, he was “the man” in the yard . . . but not with any aggression: just a mutual kind of respect.  The ad placed in the 2003 TTCA Yearbook/Journal sums it all up nicely.


Asland was the perfect addition.  Before 1995 Elizabeth Valovic and I were looking to add something to our current TT families.  We wanted something different, but had criteria.  We wanted a male.  The addition should have strong conformation of type of his breeding line; and that type should have good layback, proper rear angulation, appear square in proportion, and have an identifiable TT head.  He must be of the strong mountain dog kind.  We weren’t looking for new issues to add in, so good health was important in his family history.  Lamleh line-bred was as far out as we could consider, but we were not limiting our search. ASLANDwithMARK
A few years before, I had been one of the first attendees of the TT World Congress from the USA.  At that event I saw many TTs and was drawn to a group of intelligent, spirited dogs romping freely in an English countryside field – and coming when called.  They belonged to Valerie and Tony Hockings.  The Hockings invited me over and I got the opportunity to see their TTs up close.  Impressive.


When the search began, we never considered importing a dog.  Indeed, trying to fulfill our criteria brought our circle further and further out.  That is when our discussions led us to importing a TT and to the Tsering Kennel.  Elizabeth did some further investigating and in conversation with Valerie found out about an up-coming Lamleh line-bred litter.  Elizabeth made our intentions known and a few months later, on April 13th 1995, she welcomed Tsering Shamtsang Mingma, our Asland, to the US at the Washington DC airport.

Asland was everything we could have hoped for.  Met our criteria in every way.  In the 13 healthy years he has been part of Kiara and Dharma, he has made most impressive contribution.  We celebrate his longevity here and hope he can stay with us for many more years.


We were very excited back then with the prospect of having a 100% Lamleh line-bred TT.  His lines were unique.  His pedigree is almost all old-English Lehlam.  This combination with our TTs has far exceeded our expectations in every way with his children, grandchildren, and even his great-grandchildren.  






And the story continued after that.  When Asland turned 14 . . . into the old man on the scene . . . incredible as it was, he fathered a litter here (with the sperm count of a healthy two year old) breeding naturally.  The lovely Sugar is one of the issue of that breeding.

And with the many vials of frozen semen, he produced 8 beauties out of his great-granddaughter, Flame. Sunny, one of the boys of those eight, visited and was very reminiscant of his dad’s youthful self. 

Asland is in the Spotlight.  It’s about time!



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