In the Spotlight is Brewster, CH Kiara Brewster Quicksilver. Brewster was not born here, but is a Kiara TT from some of the earliest Kiara Tibetans.  He was born in Rochester, New York, one of Diane Revak's few litters many years ago. So why is Brewster In The Spotlight now? He has long since passed. He is being celebrated because he has earned his ROM (register of merit) by producing 5 upstanding -- and beautiful -- off-spring. His awarded children: sons, CH Kiara HalfBlackJack InMemoryOf, CH Kiara Rolling Thunder, CH Kiara Lightning Strikes, CH Kiara Black Medallion, and daughter, CH Kiara Pitter Patter, fondly congratulate their Dad for the merit he produced in them.



CH Kiara HalfBlackJack InMemoryOf
CH Kiara Rolling Thunder
CH Kiara Lightning Strikes
CH Kiara Black Medallion
CH Kiara Pitter Patter
Brewster was a beautiful, sturdy little guy. He went to live with Mike Silver as a little one. He would be Mike's second TT. Mike had started showing his older TT and was prepared to give Little Brewster the same shot at it. weeBrewster
Brewster matured into a lovely adolescent. He was one of brindling TTs that went through coat changes from dark to light then back again.




Brewster matured nicely. Unfortunately his home with Mike came to an end. Brewster and his older brother needed new homes. Luckily Elizabeth Valovic's sister, Stephanie, knew a family who could make a new home --but only for one of these bonded boys. Again, as luck would have it, the family adopted the older TT, and their eldest son adopted Brewster. This way the boys could see each other regularly. And their lives went on happily. These unfortunately were not show homes. Brewster's new owner, Rick, became friends with the TT community...and allowed Brewster to complete his AKC championship.

The story was far from over.

Brewster lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Rick and his own family for many years. He lived a charmed life and was like a prince in his neighborhood. And as much as it was discussed, Brewster never became a father.

When Brewster was 13, Rick called with alarm that he and his family needed to move to Chile for a year because of his work. He couldn't bring himself to put Brewster through the travel that would be required of such a long trip for such an old dog. He was upset that Brewster would need a new home. My solution was the best. Let Brewster come back to Kiara for whatever time they would be away (he was used to it here, having stayed here while his family went on vacations) and when they returned from Chile, Brewster would be ready to come home.

That's when Brewster did his best work. That year he became a father.


A year older, Brewster went home...where he lived out the rest of his days. Thank you Brewster for giving back so much goodness. See, there are good stories.



This passed year's Specialty brough a little more recognition to Mr. Brewster. Stephanie's an artist and produced a lovely TT sketch that she used to produce many lovely items. And Brewster was the inspiration of this sketch.

Brewster's is in the Spotlight. 



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