Looking Back at Katie, CH Shalimar’s Kiara Kate:  she was the first.  As just a wee one with a spotted nose and an endearing, devilish way, she wormed her way into everyone’s heart.  Never the ugly duckling, Katie grew into the loveliest of swans.  With excellent health, an abundance of the best TT temperament, the most beautiful structure under the most gorgeous exterior, Katie made the best brood bitch with which to start.  She is the corner stone to this breed line.

Although Katie helped supply the original map to Kiara Tibetan Terriers, over twenty-five years later she is still very much a part of the plan. Generations later (blending into the mix a harmony of older TT lines) her impact on this breed line is very much apparent.  Just look through this site and see all the various TTs – all of which descend from the beautiful Katie.



        ---------- CH Polygor's Promises Promises
    ---------- CH Shalimar Gen's Pride 'N Joy    
        ---------- CH Shalimar Crystal Shaindy
CH Shalimar's Kiara Kate      
        ---------- CH Kyim's Tsabo of Shahi-Taj
    ---------- CH Shalimar Crystal Sindi    
        ---------- Lohari Ti-Ara Crystal Puff

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CH Shalimar Losang Samten
CH Shalimar Prin-Su’s Andradite
CH Shalimar Crystal Sin-Di
CH Polygor’s Promises Promises
CH Shalimar’s Beau-Jangles
CH Shalimar Polygor’s Pandora
Prin-Su’s Cotton Candy
CH Shalimar Geno’s Pride ‘N Joy
CH Kyim’s Tsabo of Shahi-Taj
CH Loki’s Midnight Masquerade
CH Loki’s Lady Luck
CH Shalimar Crystal Shaindy
CH Dokham Prin-Su’s Casper
Lohari Ti-Ara Crystal Puff
CH Prin-Su’s Taji’s Tina
(Kate)  CH Shalimar’s Kiara Kate
Kalyani’s Kim
Zim-Sha’s Man-Mun of Shahi-Taj
Bkra-Sis-Pa Lamleh of Kalai
CH Kyim’s Tsabo of Shahi-Taj
Luneville Prince Khan
Luneville Princess Posa
Luneville Princess Pamba
CH Kiara Angel of Harlem
CH Shalimar Crystal Sin-Di
Luneville Prince Krishna
CH Dokham Prin-Su’s Casper
Hlaka Kangri of Dokham
Lohari Ti-Ara Crystal Puff
Chubitang’s Taji
CH Prin-Su’s Taji’s Tina
Prin-Su’s Golden Princess