Looking Back at Katie, CH Kiara Lady Spitfire. Although this Katie didn't live here, she was a super-big part of the Kiara family. She wasn't even born here, but in Shirley and Bill Krokyn's Gloucester home which she shared with other TTs as well: Blossom, CH Kiara Spring Blossom (the first champion TT born at Kiara), Blossom's son and Katie's father, Bunter, CH Kiara Whimsey's Bunter, along with her mom, Molly, and much older TT, Barney. Big spirited Katie took up a lot of room there even as one of the six little ones born in that litter, and she knew she was special. She went to live with very unsure Paul and Kathleen Kelley who were just looking for a playmate for their Lhasa. That's where she earned the "spitfire" part of her name. Katie bore a hole in Paul and Kathleen's hearts and only then became a part of the larger Kiara clan.

Kate_2 Katie had quite a career in the show ring with many exciting wins. One I can be particularly proud of was her Best Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes at the 1996 TTCA National Specialty with an entry of 63. It was the only time I got to exhibit this exceptional TT. Even as a 10 month old, Katie had great spring of rib built around her beautiful front assembly. And who couldn't make that beautiful dress of Kiara straight double coat look good.
Through most of her show career, Katie was professionally exhibited by Pam and Mark Desrosiers. She was always stylishly presented -- most of which was a natural gift she possessed -- but they gave their all to make her look her very best. kathleen'skatie047

Katie has left us a while ago but is being "looked back at" because of what is in the littlest whelping pool -- her grandchildren. Daughter, Willow (see Willow in the Spotlight Achives), CH Kiara My Heart's On Fire, produced well for her mom, Katie...so that part of the line continues on.



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