Looking Back at Kermit, CH Kiara Puttin’ On The Ritz.  Kermit was a natural.  He caught onto everything easily: so he was easy to train, easy to show, and very easy to live with for his owners, Connie & Throop Berg.  He was placed with them as an exceptional pup, and they knew of the great plans I had for Kermit.




He was born in one of Momma Ella’s traditional litters of 8 – of 4 boys and 4 girls.  And he was a standout pup, as were his brother, Alex, and his sisters, Skye and Susie.  All keepers, the 4 found great places to live with people to exhibit the type and the style his Mom became know for producing.  He is pictured here at 8 weeks with brother Alex, Kiara Mis-Tee’s Boston Blackie.




Kermit’s temperament was always and forever unmatched!  He had a gentle calmness with which he greeted the whole world.  When he was nearly 6, a new baby was ushered into his world and he took on a new job and lie in guard under the crib. 

Besides that wonderful temperament, Kermit was blessed with many other stellar characteristics.  The total package brought him much attention.  Not just in the show ring from judges, but from the many competitors and fellow breeders watching who sought out the many desirable traits this TT possessed.  There wasn’t ever enough praise.  “Gorgeous coat!”  “Beautiful head!”  “Remarkably square!”  “Sound structure!”  “Effortless movement!”  Kermit had it all: and many wanted to capitalize on his fine breeding. 

The product of these breedings takes on many kennel affixes:

CH Dencins Shalimar’s Charlie
CH Dencins Mademoiselle Polly
CH Kiara’s Wicket Dinah-Might
CH Knuuttila It Takes A Thief
CH Knuuttila Whisper in the Dark
CH Knuuttila’s Raven of Kiara
CH Salishan Cody Malone
CH Salishan Imperial Trinket
CH Salishan Sherpa
CH Salishan Sister Soul
CH Salishan Top of the Rockies
CH Dencins Rebel Rouser

CH Dencins Double Diamond
CH Bootiff’s Louie Louie
CH Bootiff’s Queen of Hearts
CH Dencins Mister Toby
CH Dencins Mrs. Veep
CH Dencins Queen Cleopatra
CH Zacabi Waltzing Matilda
CH Kiara Un Bel Di
CH Arkeden’s Phantom Of The Opera

    CH Arkeden’s Strickly Business
and most recently the very last:
CH Kiara M’Heart B’Longs to Daddy

Little Sophie breaks the tie of titled get Kermit had with his brother Snoopy.


Although Kermit did not live here, he was exhibited long enough to establish a great record.  In 1993 he was one of the sons that helped bring his mom, Ella, best brood bitch at the TTCA National Specialty in Virginia.  He is pictured here with his handler Elizabeth Valovic, his mom to the left and brothers, Snoopy and Gundy, to the right.  That same day exhibited as a special, even though not in great coat, Kermit took an Award of Merit.  It was to date – and possibly still is – the largest recorded entry of TTs at one of our Specialties: a real honor for this terrific Tibetan Terrier. 



        ---------- Prin-Su's Mr. Tibbs
    ---------- CH Lohari Harlequin Pavo    
        ---------- CH Lohari Opal's Something Else
CH Kiara Putting On The Ritz      
        ---------- CH Kontan Mis-Tee's Oliver Twist
    ---------- CH Kiara Harlem Butterfly    
        ---------- CH Shalimar's Kiara Kate

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