Looking Back at Lucky, CH Kiara Just A Lucky So ‘N So. Lucky was an exceptional pup in his litter.  Although the little Lucky was affectionately demonstrative, it was his appearance that demanded everyone’s attention.  A stand-out little guy with so many exceptional TT physical attributes that it was hard to keep your eyes off him.  But as if that wasn’t enough to be gifted with, he had a charm that captivated all that came into his world: first here and soon after in his new home with the McLoughlins.







Mike and Marie selected Lucky from the several litters that they visited.  He would be their first TT and they did they homework, so they had the idea that they would find a special little spirit in the new pup when they met him.  And Lucky was the one!



Lucky joined Murphy, the McLoughlins’ Wheaten Terrier, in bringing joy and companionship to the family.  Although Lucky was a baby and Murphy was an adult Wheaten, they became fast friends.  Murphy was Lucky’s first teacher.  Lucky learned much from his older bud and earned his place in the family quickly.







Lucky was to be Mike’s first real show dog.  Mike started him off on the road with classes and puppy training.  Lucky took to it easily and it helped that he grew into his handsome self quickly.  Mike started exhibiting him just after his 6 month birthday.

He had quite an impressive career in the show ring winning the praise of many respected judges.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Lucky . . . and this win was one I am exceptionally proud of.  Frank Oberstar found Lucky in a huge entry at the 1996 Mount Vernon Tibetan Terrier Specialty.  He honored him with the Winners’ Dog ribbon and then went on to award him Best of Winners.  Lucky won much praise in the ring.

Although Mr. Lucky was not bred a lot, he produced well as typified in his daughter, Aurore.  Joyce Bormann conducted the breeding that produced her.  Not only in her descendent pedigree, but in a few others, you can find Lucky.  And we have saved just a little more of Lucky to use on just-the-right-girl . . . to produce more of this extraordinary TT.








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