Looking Back at Snoopy, CH Kiara Fascinating Rhythm.  Snoopy was my most “awarded” Tibetan Terrier.  Third generation, with a little more experience in the show ring with a TT, I was able to exhibit this fine specimen to many group placements in the years he shined. 

And even after that – he was awarded several times from the Veteran Classes at Specialties as well as at all breed shows.




There was never a notion of keeping a puppy out of his litter. (We have all been heard speaking that sentiment.)  From an earlier breeding that year, Oscar was selected to make his future at Kiara.  Snoopy was one of eight pups Ella offered up for her first breeding – four boys and four girls.  But the further he grew into his eight weeks, the more eye-catching he became.  And dear. Too many desirable qualities to pass over, Snoopy stayed and made an incredible historic mark on the breed.

And that name!  He never would have been saddled with that if the notion of keeping him was ever considered . . . having earned it early in the whelping pool.  But he knew it at eight weeks – so it was his.


Besides his incredible journey through the show ring, he made many other beautiful TTs.  Many of his titled get went on to produce as well, and a few others too.  Among his living contribution are:

CH Dencins Princess Leah
CH Kiara Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy
CH Kiara Blossom’s Sunday
CH Kiara Samsara Jazz
CH Dencins Midnight Blaze
CH Kizmet’s Little Rascal
CH Arkeden Jaylo Madison County
CH Ketara’s Homecoming Queen
CH Kiara Rhythm Is A Dancer
CH Kiara’s Rufus Duke of Dogwood
CH Tersana Nevermore Bye Satin
CH Satin Filly Out of Bombay
CH Knuuttila’s Do It For Jazz
CH Kiara Poor Butterfly
CH Khyber’s Heart Breaker
CH Khyber’s Bit of Heaven
CH Khyber’s Oh Henry
CH Knuval’s Losar Baie Leie
CH Knuval’s Losar Holiday Gal
CH Toh-Lhi Roh-Lhi
CH Sin-Sa’s Rhythm of the Night


These are just some of those passing along this TT’s tradition.  Seeing the variety of Kennel names only contributes to the notion that Snoopy was a much praised Tibetan.


Harriet Jones who groomed Snoopy much of his life would say “C’est formidable!” as he would stride off from the grooming table showing and majestically stacking himself.  He was the TT made of brick – not of straw or wood.  He is still the yardstick used to measure the merit of every TT born here.


Every day Snoopy had to spend a few minutes on my lap.  Before school with my cup of coffee in the rocker looking out the window on the park, he would jump up and join me.  It was a moment I relished.  And just before he had enough (though he abhorred the smell –or taste—of humans) he would turn and give the slightest of kisses, turn up his nose, and go off to do whatever business he had in mind. 

He lived here for almost sixteen years.  He is sorely missed.  But I see him in small ways every day in the eye, or actions, or antics of many of his kin.




        ---------- CH Shalimar Losang Samten
    ---------- CH Shalimar Prin-Su Andradite    
        ---------- CH Shalimar Crystal Sindi
CH Kiara Fascinating Rhythm      
        ---------- CH Kontan Mis-Tee's Oliver Twist
    ---------- CH Kiara Harlem Butterfly    
        ---------- CH Shalimar's Kiara Kate

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