Looking Back at Ella, CH Kiara Harlem Butterfly. Ella was one of five pups in the first litter that constitutes the very beginning of Kiara Tibetan Terriers.  All five pups were exceptional specimens. Ella was just the cream that rose to the top of a very influential litter deep with TT quality. It was the issue of a mating between my first TT, Katie (CH Shalimar's Kiara Kate) and a TT bred by Ed & Eileen Wilk, Oliver (CH Kontan Mistee's Oliver Twist). This litter would supply the genetic map of nearly 30 years of breeding. (More can be learned about this in the "In The Beginning" part of this website.)

Ella was a beautiful pup. She excelled in all the qualities that were sought in this influential outcross for the Kiara line. A stoic little girl, she possessed all the exceptional positive qualities offered by her beautiful mom and her very handsome dad. From the very beginning we knew she would accomplish great things.
Although I had shown a little as a boy and adolescent with my Corgis, I felt inexperienced exhibiting my first TTs. I did my part getting them ready for the ring, but left the showing to those more in the know at first. Ella shined in the care of their very competent hands and earned the complimentary title of competitors "that Butterfly bitch" when she would show up ringside in her very competitive style.
But this wonderful TT would teach me much about showing -- and winning. The very first day I personally exhibited Miss Ella she took Best of Breed at Ladies Dog Club. It was unexpected. I think the other BOB exhibitors were reeling as they marched away from the ring --not because they lost to Ella, but because it was her inexperienced owner-handler at the other end of the lead that day. I was truly exhilarated. That was the first time I felt an emerging competence. It was my teacher: the very fine specimen at the other end of that lead. From that moment on we were a team.
I exhibited Ella many times over the next several years. She won her fair share of Best of Breed ribbons and many Group placements. The show that stands out in my mind was the very large 50th Anniversary of the Wilmington Kennel Club. There were huge entries in all the breeds --even the Tibetan Terrier. In her typical style, Ella glided around the ring easily earning Best that day. Even more memorable was the way she showed in Group, never failing to attract the eye of the judge right to the end...earning her a Group 1.

From the start of our teamwork at Ladies in the spring of 1987 to that moment in the fall of 1991, Ella was a force to be reckoned with at the shows where she was exhibited.

As much as she made an impact at dog shows (and in that certainly helped Kiara Tibetan Terriers gain a reputation for exceptional quality) her true contribution to the breed was in her whelping box. She mothered a few litters of exceptional quality. The shining stars born out of her were many...and some went on to prove it: Snoopy (CH Kiara Fascinating Rhythm), Kermit (CH Kiara Puttin' On The Ritz), Susie (CH Kiara Run Around Sue), Skye (CH Lohari Perals On Silk), Gundy (CH Kiara That Old Black Magic), Babe (CH Kiara to Karma-Pa), and Rudy (CH Kiara Harlem Globe Trotter). And from them a substantial list of grandchildren exhibiting the affixes of many other Tibetan Terrier lines as well as Kiara.

At one of the largest Specialties she went 1st in the Brood Bitch class with her sons Snoopy, Kermit, and Gundy in tow. Again a true testament of her quality breeding --and the stamp-on quality she passed down to her get. She was a very special Tibetan Terrier here: one that is constantly remembered and still missed.


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    ---------- CH Kontan Mis-Tee's Oliver Twist    
        ---------- CH Kontan's Misty Pan-Dan Lha-Mo
CH Kiara Harlem Butterfly      
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