Looking Back at Lucy, CH Kiara L Dharma's Doll. Lucy was one of six  pups in momma Rosie's  first litter. It was a Lamleh line breeding.   

Eight week old Lucy is far right. Quizzically mugging for the camera with her four bros and one sister. It was a beautiful litter.




Lucy matured beautifully. She had presence even as an adolescent. And even more importantly, her pedigree went back to my Asland on her sire's side.                                                                                     


Lucy spent many years here at Kiara. She mothered a few litters in her time. Friends were in need of a doggie companion and asked...and I knew just who would be the best fit  to fill in for the one they had recently lost. (Jim and Dave had made a wonderful, loving home for Luki, CH Kiara Fallen Angel.) And now Lucy lives with them. She shares their home in Maine and their cottage on the Cape. What a life!



Looking Back at Lucy, these many years later, because she has joined the many other Kiara girls who have earned an ROM (Register of Merit). Lucy has mothered three Champions: Tsarina (CH Kiara L Lucy's Lucelina), Penne (CH Kiara Can You Hear The Echo), and Dreamer (CH Kiara Dream Ticket).    





        ---------- CH MeTshag Little Sir Echo
    ---------- MeTshag Lobsang Samye     
        ---------- CH MeTshag Ke-Le-Ka
CH Kiara L Dharma's Doll      
        ---------- Passiflora Nivels Hallmark 
    ---------- Nivels Mint Rose     
        ---------- CH Nivels Snowcapped







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