In the Spotlight is Rosie, Nivel's Mint Rose. Rosie was born in Sweden, bred by Anne Slevin of the Nivel Kennel. She is Lamleh linebred, mostly of older Lamleh lines. She was just what Elizabeth Valovic and I were looking for!



Rosie came over as a wee one...hand delivered by Anne. She was a beautiful, sturdy little pup. And remembering back to those days, the little Rosie owned the house. Her mischieveous self bounding out of the wee package, with agile motion, she scaled the flight of stairs that kept her from the sleeping human companions to join them at night. The couch...the chairs...the stairs...a real agile mountain dog!

Elizabeth Valovic and I had big plans for little Rosie.

Rosie was sought to help create a new line here and enhance the breeding potential of all the Kiara lines. Bred to Asland, the pair would create a Lamleh linebred line here at Kiara and at Dharma. Unfortunately that breeding would never happen.

However, Asland has left his legacy. He has sons (some Lamleh) and one of those Lamleh sons, Echo, CH Metshag Little Sir Echo RA AX AXJ AXP AJP, was chosen as dad-to-be. (Look at that list of accomplishments: smart, agile, and beautiful!) Unfortunately, the vet timing the frozen implant of Echo's essence overshot the progesterone level, challenging fate, and we missed our goal.

Now we looked for an alternative. We still hoped we could stay true to our objectives. At a dog show we caught sight of a handsome Echo son, Lamleh line bred as well by the MeTshag Kennel of Canada. Samye, MeTshag Lobsang Samye, impressed us in many ways. We sought out his wonderful owners, Dee & Jim Aher, and his breeder, Catherine Shearer, for advice. The match was made! And happy to report...pups are on the way!

And someday Asland and Echo will still get chance to impress this new line. There is frozen semen stored from both father and son. Our mission to preserve Asland's legacy and create a unique Lamleh line bred component encouraged us to freeze his sperm for just this reason. (Check out Asland's In The Spotlight.)




Rosie matured nicely through the years. She retained the solid sturdiness she had as a wee one. A real gold TT with excellent pigment...her nose appears black still these many years later. All the pieces fit together nicely: she's very balanced without being over-done. Snow-show feet, good coat quality, and a lovely topline and tail-set. And today, several years later, she will get the chance to impress herself (along with Samye) on a brood of little Lamleh linebred issue. These photos show her growth off nicely. And today (pictured below) Rosie still has the right stuff!




        ---------- Passiflora Bourbon
    ---------- Passiflora Nivels Hallmark    
        ---------- Passiflora Raggy Doll
Nivel's Mint Rose      
        ---------- Mr Binks Star-Sky of Su-Khyi
    ---------- CH Nivels Snowcapped    
        ---------- Allh-Taih's Ud Nag-Po Jo-Mo
Even all cut down Rosie displays the many characteristics our forefather, peer breeders worked to produce in establishing the moderate, centuries old, mountain dog: the Tibetan Terrier.
Rosie is in the Spotlight.




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