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She just won’t give up her first puppy cuddle bed for a more adult one! Even though she has clearly outgrown it.  That’s Miss Jill!  Looks comfy though: so why not?
Jill and her brother, Jack, went to live in Tennessee with owners Vicki Beets and Linda and Chuck Hargis.  They got to travel together and so it wasn’t so bad.  And finally out of the airline crate, they enjoy watching their new owners drive them home.
As they are maturing, they still get to play together.  Here they stand – side by side – in the lowres grass.  It’s fun with lots of other dogs at this puppy day class. 
Jill is taking her time befriending her older aunt, Dinah (CH Kiara Wicket’s Dinah-Might).  Dinah, after all, should be revered for she is older and much wiser and certainly still very beautiful.
Sadie (Kiara Harlem Song) continues to strut her stuff out there in the show rings with owner/handler  Michael McLoughlin. She recently went Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex over Specials at the Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club’s 7th Annual Specialty on June 17, 2006.  That earned her 5 points toward her championship.  And even neater – at that event the previous year she was the Reserve Winners Bitch with an even larger entry at the then tender age of 6 months.  Way to go, Sadie!
At the same Specialty cousin Kapitan (Kiara Kapitan From Katmandu) was the Reserve Winners Dog.  The next day he earned his first major delighting his owners Jim & Debbie Griffiths.
Kapitan’s sister, Daisy, (Kiara Princess Daisy) has her own story to tell.  Great Uncle Midas (CH Kiara King Midas) was feeling very lonely when he lost his best bud, Rufus (CH Kiara Duke of Dogwood).  Super-Mom, Jean Olenick, was at a loss to console him  -- having a tough time with the loss herself.  Presented with the option of owning a Rufus granddaughter, she and Midas weighed the pros and cons and came up with the greatest solution.  Now Daisy has a great home on Lake Michigan, Midas is a happy camper again, and Jean contemplating a new job -- as handler.
And it’s always a pleasure to hear how a TT companion brings added dimension to our lives.  New TT enthusiast Chris writes about the Coopster’s first weeks of fitting into Chris’s new life of retirement:
  Dennis, just thought I’d send you a quick note and fill you in on the adventures of Cooper since she left you.  She’s a joy, and such a wonderful puppy!  I couldn’t be happier.  She’s playful, happy and has become good friends with Susan’s dog, Sami.

   We went to the vet on the 5th, and all was well . . . At that point she weighed a little over 8 pounds, but 9 days later, she seems so much bigger!  She had her next round of shots yesterday, and sailed through that without a whimper.  After two nights, she was sleeping through the night and just loves her crate.  I’m not sure she gets this bathroom stuff yet, but she’s improving….and I expect the connection will come soon, and for now, she doesn’t venture beyond the kitchen!

   Her one trauma is cars and road noise. I’m sure we’ll get past this one, but today she decided that she was also afraid of baby carriages—seems to be anything with wheels!

   And Susan and I went to the first class of doggy kindergarten and we take Cooper with us next week.  She loves other dogs and people, so that should be just fine!

    I can’t thank you enough for bringing this great dog into my life.  She clearly has great genes, and you’re done a masterful job breeding great little Tibetan Terriers.  This may be more than you ever wanted to know about the little Coopster, but she sends her love to you and Madam!

And everyone here at Kiara – who could get ‘em -- got summer-do’s.  Cooler in the heat, they all settle in their backyard to play and relax.
Even Asia is home.  Now Champion Asia (CH Kiara I Want To Be Bad).  She went on the New England circuit with her best buds, Pam and Mark, to earn the last few single points she needed.  Check her out “In the Spotlight”.

More later.

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