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Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Murphy!
Happy Birthday to you!

Although Murphy is not a TT, he has lived his life amongst a TT family.  Sharing it with TTs Lucky, Lucy, and Sadie, and the McLoughlin family, Murphy has made it to 14.  Mike even baked him a meaty cake.  Aren’t they all being good waiting till the picture was snapped to dig on in.


And Sadie could have had her own cake.  All of her Kiara kin want to congratulate Sadie.  Sadie became our newest Champion.  Mike and Sadie went to the Troy Kennel Club show in Springfield and Sadie was awarded her title there.  Check her out “In the Spotlight”.


New kids on the block, Thunder, Lightning, Rain, and Cuervo, have been initiated.  The four new 6 month olds have all made it to shows.  Not much more to report about that yet except that they all thought it was okay.  Yes, just okay. 

Older half sis, Jill, sends her recent beauty shop photo from home in Tennessee.  She and her brother, Jack, made it to their first shows as well.  They were the only two!  It was nice that they shared the honors of BOB – Jack taking it from her on Saturday and she owning it on Sunday.  A few weeks later in North Carolina Jack won his first points making his owners Linda and Chuck Hargis proud. 


At the Long Island shows, cousins Paris, Zin-Pa That’s Hot, earned her first major, and Kappy, Kiara Kapitan from Katmandu, earned his second.  Who could ask for anything more! 


In another loving living space, far from show rings, Bentley relaxes on his nice warm, soft bed watching an end of the season game.  He wonders why they are chatting to Dennis about a new friend for him.  Has he asked for one?

Like everywhere, here we are getting ready for the holidays.  The Kiara clan sends their best wishes to one and all.  May the season be bright and alive with good things and the New Year brimming with happiness!

More later.

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