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I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful Holiday greetings. And next year, I hope to use them all as a display of holiday cheer. It is truly amazing to see your families grow up - beautiful girls and handsome young men - many who were little kids when you came to pick up your little TT companion. Thank you for sharing . . . and loving them.










And speaking of greetings, I received this perfect Valentine from Jack and Jill. They are growing up so beautifully. Their half siblings living here at Kiara are growing up nicely too. Both Cuervo and Thunder have been to dog shows and are pointed. Sister Rain and brother Lightning will be debuting soon.


CH Kiara Harlem Song (Sadie) went to Westminster. She put up with the noise, confusion, crowding, and heat, and still managed to have a good time. She was exhibited beautifully thanks to her artful groomers, Marie and Mike McLoughlin, and to her experienced handler, Mike.

Nice to hear from growing up pups too…like little Cooper. Remember her when Chris sent in a little note about her. Now she is looking good! And she is over her little issues with wheels, thanks to Chris's nurturing and attention.


 And in a new area, Willow and Willy get a walk in the Connecticut rain to get accustomed to their new home.  



And another happy story comes from a new placement for Tristan. He needed a new home at the tender age of 6 months. He loves his new digs and adores mom, Lorraine, and dad, Mike.


His brother, Chase, sends his own greetings . . . very willing to share his digs with human brothers.



Cousin Paris, Zin-Pa's That's Hot, went to the Non-Sporting Group show of Northern New Jersey. She showed like pro and took the Reserve Winner's ribbon.


Lastly, about the newest Kiara family addition, Little Brady went to Florida with his new family Bob and Anne and TT older brother, Bentley. They wrote when they got home:


Dear Dennis,

He is so sweet and so good. Everything is great!!!

We took Brady up to the room and he ran around the room and played and played. We put him in the carrier and he was so good all the way to the airport. We got a direct flight that left a little later so we spent two hours in the Delta Crown Room. He slept for a while and then I put him on my lap and he just laid his head on my arm and was so good. Then I took him in the ladies room in the far corner and put down his pee-pee pad with the newspaper on top and the third time I put him on it he went a lot. Then back in the carrier and on to the plane. When we first got on the plane he fussed a little and I put my hand inside the carrier until we got off. You were right, the motion of the plane put him to sleep and he slept the whole way for 2 1/2 hours. When we got to Orlando I tried to get him to go but he didn't. He was good on the ride to the house and when we got here our dog sitter met us and kept him outside until we came in and got Bentley calmed down.

The first time we put him on the grass he did all his business. When we introduced them (Bentley and Brady) they didn't seem to do anything but sniff a little. Then we came on in and put him down. It didn't take him very long to feel like he owns the place. He loves it under the breakfast room table. Of course he follows Bentley around all the time. He ate a great dinner and has been out several times. He and Bentley even played tag in the grass. I really feel like Bentley is going to get adjusted faster than we thought. He lets Brady lay in his bed some and take his toys away from him.

I think his registered name will be Kiara's Sweet Valentine Delight. What do you think? It seems like Brady fits just fine.

We are so excited and will take such good care of him. Will get him to the vet on time for his next check up and shots. I will send pictures very soon. Thank you for everything. It was so great to finally meet you after 10 years!!!

Anne & Bob


More later.

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