Showing your Tibetan Terrier can be a rewarding experience.  And preparing for the experience is the most important part.

You must keep you Tibetan Terrier groomed properly.  He doesn’t suddenly appear gorgeous on the day of the show!  So get into a habit of keeping your TT mat free and in good condition.  Your competition will.

Training for the experience will also pay off.  You should bring your TT to a “handling class” where he --and you-- will learn about ring procedure.  You can also make a practice exercise out of backyard play or during a walk in the park.  Study his gait: how he “moves-out” best will make him stand out.  Stack him on a wall or on a bench.  Touch his feet; look at his teeth; pass your hand over his body:  practice makes perfect.  On the day of the show you may not win, but your little friend will “show” because you have prepared him.
There are experienced handlers who do this for a living.  These professionals usually do it better than a novice.  And because they do it a lot, they have more “face” in the sport and are known by the judges.  If you choose to use a professional to show your TT, it will still pay off if you spend the time preparing him for this experience.  Being ring-ready will help you achieve your goal faster.
Remember that only one dog and one bitch win points toward their championship at a show.  If you have prepared your TT well, it may be you walking out of the ring holding the purple ribbon your TT just earned.  If it’s not, show good sportsmanship.  Your peers will not forget it.  

Whether your goal is to be the next top-producer of Tibetan Terriers or just enjoy owning one, showing you TT can be fun.