Finding your Tibetan Terrier puppy can be a gratifying experience. There are many breeders.  They will be able to enlighten you about the prospects of getting a pup or help direct you to breeders who have a litter. Be patient if you have specific desires for a certain color or a particular sex. Be open to the breeder's comments if a particular pup's personality is more suitable for you. 


Are there major differences between the two sexes? Tibetan Terriers have been bred as companion dogs. The characteristics that make good companion dogs are varied. Generally, they all love sharing their lives with people and other animals. The males usually form tighter bonds with their families. The females tend to love just everyone. They all learn their families well, though. Not long after a Tibetan Terrier has made your palace his own, does he know who will give him an extra cookie, who feeds him, or who is most likely to play ball with him. 
Smart? Yes. They learn things quickly, but don't like a lot of repetition. Start training your TT immediately, helping him learn his name and basic house training. Be consistent. Persevere. Praise a lot. Follow the guidance of a good book on puppy rearing. And be very careful not to inadvertently teach the wrong thing. Success has the stamp of a smiling owner and a wagging TT tail. You will have earned a charming, enthusiastic companion to share your life. 


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