Kiara TTs used in breeding are OFAed and CERFed.  All breeding TTs have been OFAed clear of hip dysplasia.  And for years, if at all possible, renowned author and Retired Chief of Ophthalmology of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Lionel F. Rubin, conducted eye examinations annually. Additionally, TTs used for breeding have been DNA tested to insure that insidences of genetically passed on issues are eradicated.

CERF records can be found on:

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In breeding quality TTs, I have followed a simple guiding principle: balance.  I used it in my Tibetan Terrier Club of America Yearbook ad Handsome is as Handsome Does! many years ago and I still strive to achieve this balance today.  Taking beauty, the elements that make a Tibetan Terrier, temperament, and health into consideration are all equally important in producing the quality seen in the Tibetan Terriers in the reprinted ad.  Breeders who overlook or capitalize only on one or two of these elements do a disservice to the breed.

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