Having a litter of pups can be an exciting, rewarding experience.  It is also continuous, diligent and dedicated work.  Not for the feint at heart.

There are sleepless nights to start, helping mom prepare for the delivery.  The event itself is joyous and nerve-wracking, and is followed with a couple round-the-clock days of watchful parenting by mom and mom’s best friend.  Forgoing any issues, the next three weeks are usually quiet.  Once you start to supplement the newbies with gruel…prepare to take over.  Feeding and cleaning become your constant ambition.
But the reward is a litter of playful, endearing TT pups. It is a time to engage them in man-to-dog experiences. An enjoyable experience is having doggie friends by to help evaluate your little ones. A lot can be learned from others who have experiences in looking for different things.  So sit on the floor and play…and watch.


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